Here you will find everything that's currently going on with my music. As you will know there aren't many gigs happening at the moment so I have been working on some other things to keep you entertained during the festive season...

debut album


Are you looking for some new music to play in the car perhaps? Grab an actual copy of my debut album. It's a ten song showcase of original songs from solo finger-style guitar to full rock band anthems

live music stream every week


Catch me playing live every week over on Facebook - give me a request or just sit back and watch some live music! Remember when we used to do that? My weekly show is called Tuesday Tuneage and I will be live on Tuesday evening at 9pm - join me! 

richie's lockdown projects

super group foo's cover

Earlier this year when we entered the first lockdown, I created a project which would help spread the word for local musicians in a time when they weren't able to gig. Inspired by the all-stars version, I wanted to create a cover which was more true to the original but with a unique twist - 15 local musicians from Leicestershire all together on one song. When would you normally get to see that? 

richie's local radio show

As we entered the second UK lockdown, I was looking for ways to help promote local musicians who weren't able to gig for obvious reasons. I approached the local radio station who kindly gave me an hour a week to resurrect my radio show - Monday Night Music Club. This time I wanted to exclusively play local artists and over the four weeks of the lockdown we had over 30 local artists involved in the show - playing covers, original tracks and we also had a weekly interview. I created a podcast of the radio show so you can listen to it in your own time and help spread the word for local musicians. You may even hear someone you recognise!